Find the job you want:
There are several ways to search for open jobs across our multiple locations:  
* Search Bar - Use keyword and location to find the job that matches your interest. You can click on “More Options” for advanced search by career fields and other criteria.
* Career Fields - View positions by selecting the career field that best matches your background or interest.
* Geographical Locations - Select the specific state and city where you are interested in working by clicking on the map. Positions that are available at that location will appear.

Useful hints to construct your resume
* Highlight your relevant skills, experience, education, and certifications/licensure in your resume.
* Emphasize where you have exhibited innovation in your work and the results you have achieved.
* Focus on key accomplishments related to your work.
* Be specific and include data where applicable to help us get a clear picture of your background.
* If you are just beginning your career in this field, be sure to include internship or volunteer experience.

Interview Process
Your application and resume will be reviewed by our Talent Acquisition Team. Candidates whose qualifications best match the requirements of the job will be contacted by our hiring team.  

Interview format
The interview will allow you to meet our recruiting teams and learn more about our organization as we get to know you better. You will also get an opportunity to tour our treatment facilities and get a look and feel of the working environment.  Our hiring team will contact you (either by email or by phone) to communicate the specifics of your interview(s). Be sure to check your inbox to ensure that emails from Gateway Foundation Careers are not being sent to your spam / junk folder. You may participate in multiple interviews as part of the process. Here are the types of interviews that we may conduct:
* Preliminary phone interview: Our first discussion will take place over the phone. This pre-screening call is meant to assess your interest and get a better sense of your qualifications.
* Site interview: The next level of interview is usually an in-person interview. We conduct team-based interviews using behavioral-based interview questions.  This is a good time for you to ask any questions you may have related to the job and the organization as a whole.
* Follow-Up interview: There could be additional personal or phone interview/s depending on the type of the job that you are being considered for.

Selection Process
* After all interviews have been completed the hiring team will select the candidate who best demonstrated the competencies that are needed for the job.
* Once a hiring decision is made Managers will extend a contingent offer pending successful completion of pre-employment background checks and a drug screening.